DR. FRANK BOEHM is Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and former director of maternal/fetal medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical School in Nashville, Tennessee, and former Chairman of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Ethics Committee. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt Medical School and the Yale-New Haven Hospital Internship and Residency program. His specialty is high risk pregnancy (perinatology) and he is recognized worldwide in the field of fetal monitoring.

     He is recognized throughout this country as one of its best doctors. In August 1997 Good Housekeeping listed him as being among one of the nation's best doctors for women in the field of perinatology. From 1992-2005, Frank has been named in The Best Doctors in America, a referral guide of the nation's finest physicians based on peer nominations and recommendations. He was also named Man of the Year by CABLE, an organization of Nashville business and professional women. These honors did not come just because of his medical skills - they were given because Frank is a doctor who truly cares about his patients.

     In his first book, Doctors Cry, Too: Essays from the Heart of a Physician, Frank shared much of his personal life, as well as profound medical experiences with many of his patients, in an effort to show the heart of a physician and how doctors care very much about their patients.

     Now, in his latest book, Building Patient / Doctor Trust Frank deals with the many challenges today surrounding medical care and politics, such as patient responsibility, choosing a doctor, abortion, medical malpractice, and the uninsured, to name a few. He does so in an effort to help patient and doctor better understand each other in the hope of regaining a close and trusting relationship.

     Frank believes there is more to medical care than merely dispensing medical care. To him is also means sharing life's experiences and opinions between patient and doctor. It is his hope that after reading Building Patient / Doctor Trust you will understand that in addition to your medical problems there is a wealth of other issues that can be discussed with your doctor to enhance communication and improve the relationship. find information about hereditary angioedema, a rare genetic disorder, see patient support resources and communications regarding an hae treatment at www.hereditaryangioedema.info

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