Two thought provoking books .. from Dr. Boehm

Building Patient/Doctor Trust is Dr. Boehm's expert and personal opinions surrounding health care, both medical and political. Medical care appears no longer to be determined by a close patient/doctor relationship where decisions can be made based solely on patients' needs. In today's roller coaster world of managed-care medicine, Dr. Boehm believes there is much more to medical care than simply providing medical care. The "more" is establishing a trusting relationship between you and your doctor. Your doctor needs to listen and understand what's going on in your personal life and how it may be affecting your health and well-being. But you also have a responsibility to understand and know your doctor.

Doctors Cry, Too is a collection of essays from the heart of a physician which deals with issues surrounding health care and doctors. These essays portray a medical profession that is sensitive, emotional, spiritual, and compassionate. They include special moments in the life of Dr. Boehm, such as a son and daughter going off to college, coping with the personal grief of losing loved ones, the birth of a granddaughter, and the healing that comes from joy. The essays also address his point of view on such subjects as strength and courage, faith, happiness, depression, forgiveness, death and dying, friendship, the heartbreak of infertility, parenting, and medical expectations.